19 Brine Street

Located at 19 Brine Street in St. John’s, this artist’s studio was originally an old bakery. Together with architect Robert Mellin – who specializes in Newfoundland vernacular architecture – Ned undertook a restoration and renovation project that converted the structure into its present day layout.

Completed in 1999, the space has an industrial feel, built with simple materials used in creative ways. Largely constructed using two by fours, plywood and galvanized fasteners, this cozy space is heated with two woodstoves. Because the best connections and conversations always happen around food, the studio has a kitchen and table centrally located on the main floor. A creative and relaxing communal space, the Brine Street Studio is also available for private events. To book, please contact Ned.

Recently, design firm Carvel & Helm joined Ned as tenants in the Studio.
Carvel & Helm